Corporate parties

Do you have a long-awaited corporate party, birthday, wedding or country picnic? Altbir is with you. Always a quality product for a fun party.

Why we:

  • The widest range of craft beer for every taste and for every cuisine in the world. Consultation on the choice of varieties and food pairing from our brewers and restaurateurs is possible.
  • Delivery of beer to Kharkiv and the region, and abroad on mutually beneficial terms.
  • We will provide the necessary equipment, you need only 220 V (if not, we will decide).
  • Mobile compact mobile installation
  • Branded utensils as needed
  • Empty PET containers with a volume of 1 liter for the opportunity to take everything with you, if you have not drunk everything.
  • Independent bottling of beer in glasses.
  • Snack to beer on request is possible (everything is packed and certified).
  • EVENT - consulting and organization of the holiday to order (script, host, show, animators), if you do not have time yourself.
  • Any form of payment.

You want a good rest, you here!