AltBier Brewery

Ukraine's craft market is growing rapidly. The quality of beer and taste in the conditions of such competition are the main indicators of success. AltBier Brewery is a state-of-the-art brewery that is rapidly gaining momentum and conquering the beer market, both internally and externally.

For three years in a row, AltBier has won the highest awards at international beer competitions. And the main expert and critic is our consumers, therefore, we try to satisfy the needs of the consumer in a variety of tastes and quality of beer.

About us • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv
2012 marks the beginning of AltBier. We opened the first AltBier Brewery Restaurant with our own small brewery. Czech equipment, Czech breweries. The level of quality and taste at the height. Full halls of the restaurant, and the maximum load of the brewery easily hints that we are on the right track.
2015 The opening of the second restaurant "Show Restaurant AltBier" is also its own brewery, but a little more. And here we did not do with full halls. And why is our beer only available in the restaurant…?
About us • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv
About us • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv

2016 opening of the first AltBier BEER STORE store. Today there are more than 40 shops throughout the city in every district of Kharkov.

2019 - opening of a large brewery of 5,000 hectoliters. And what, restaurants, shops and the whole of Ukraine enjoys our beer - we have to satisfy everyone who wants to enjoy a cool craft from AltBier.
About us • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv
This little epic of our difficult journey has only opened the backstage of history. But, most importantly, our story has a taste, and you can enjoy it uncorked a bottle of beer from AltBier Brewery.

The brewing process

Our brewery uses the classic individual beer technology, taking into account the wishes of our customers. We practice innovation and experiment.
About us • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv

The AltBier brewery is designed for 5,000 hectoliters. Many beers are brewed and bottled here in kegs, bottles and PET containers.

Using only high-quality raw materials, on professional equipment, under the guidance of the best brewers, we produce a world-class product.

About us • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv
About us • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv