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AltBier Brewery
brewery with the widest range of craft beer in Ukraine

AltBier Brewery is a powerful brewery in Kharkiv equipped with the most modern European equipment. We brew excellent quality craft beer using only artesian water and the best natural raw materials.
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About AltBier Brewery

The large AltBier Brewery has a capacity of 5,000 hectoliters. More than 30 types of beer are brewed and bottled here in kegs, bottles and PET containers. The excellent quality of raw materials and the skill of our brewers are confirmed by dozens of awards at international competitions. Our mini-brewery is designed for 400 hectoliters. The best craft in Ukraine is brewed here, as well as experimental and limited varieties.

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    Our Beer

    Each type of our beer, permanent or experimental, is brewed with respect for traditions and the desire for new horizons, openness to the craziest ideas and a dream of a great future for beer.
    Our Beer
    • Experimental
    • Permanent Varieties

    Apache Apache

    from 36 UAH

    French Ale

    from 82 UAH

    Amigo IPA

    from 36 UAH


    from 60 UAH

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    Border - more than beer

    Meet the new beer from Altbir - Prykordonne. This is a new, special beer, which, thanks to the special malt component, simultaneously has a mountain...

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