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New BERRY Sour

New BERRY Sour • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv

AltBier Brewery surprises again!

It's getting cold outside and you're already dreaming of a real summer.

And that in summer we love more than beer, that's right berries and fruits. And when they are combined with beer, it is the highest delicacy. 

Meet BERRY Sour - beer brewed in the style of Sour Ale with the addition of a lot of black
currants, raspberries, blackberries and orange peel. Thick saturated spruce.
The pleasant aroma of wild berries, refreshing sourness and tart currant after taste, perfectly refresh and give new strength at any time of year.

IMPORTANT: this craft is cooked in limited quantities. So keep in mind, not everyone can get it. So hurry to Altbir. 

ALC.:4.7% OG: 14% IBU: 8