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4 new beers - from AltBier Brewery

4 new beers - from AltBier Brewery • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv

4 new beers at once - from AltBier breweries

Tomate, Melange, Berry Sour, BierKava - treat yourself to the unique flavors of modern craft!

AltBier Brewery presents the novelties of the autumn season!

Tomatoes - Beer brewed with lots of fresh, pickled and sun-dried tomatoes, as well as the addition of basil and spices.

Melange - Saturated, spicy, fragrant, pumpkin pie in your glass! Dark amber beer with a bright spicy profile and a light viscous pleasure of baked pumpkin and caramel malts.

Berry Sour - Thick saturated sour ale with a large amount of black currant, raspberry, blackberry and orange peel. The pleasant aroma of wild berries, refreshing sourness and astringent currant taste - perfectly refresh and add new strength at any time of year.

BierKava - Full-bodied, sweet and tender stout, brewed using Cold-brew technology from fresh Colombian coffee. The most delicate aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans is intertwined with soft notes of wildflowers from Villamette hops. The complete feeling of drinking a cup of fresh freshly ground coffee.

All 4 varieties are already on sale and ready to order! Hurry up to enjoy unusual new flavors!