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Meet the winner • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv

AltBier Brewery won the Grand Prix and 10 medals of the beer competition!

Beer from AltBier Brewery is again recognized as the best in Ukraine! At the international competition Hop Cup Ukraine Open Beer Awards-2021 our varieties won 5 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze awards and the main trophy - Grand Prix.

Almost 50 judges from hundreds of samples from all over Ukraine and European countries chose the best in a blind tasting. Following the results of 2 days of action, our beer received the most prize-winning places:

Gold: Cabinet Lager (Dark Lager / Dunkel)
Gold: Evolution (Specialty beer)
Gold: Bavarian Wheat (Weizenbier)
Gold: Armelina (Specialty IPA)
Gold: X-Parallel (Light Lager)

Silver: Apache APA (APA)
Silver: Amigo IPA (IPA)
Silver: Light Monk (Witbier)

Bronze: 10th Lager (Light Lager)
Bronze: Silver Ale (Belgian Style Ale)

Most of these varieties are cooked on a regular basis and are available to order. Pamper the guests of your establishments with a real taste of victory!