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Altbier. Return of the best!

Altbier. Return of the best! • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv

In a few years, the Altbier brewery and restaurant have gained not only fame, awards and victories in competitions and festivals, but most importantly: loyal customers who appreciated the craft made in different styles, from traditional domestic to experimental and chose their varieties.
Today we are returning varieties to the taps, at the request of customers who love the Altbier BEER STORE network and have no equal in quality and brewing technology.

First grade «Jungle Mix»Milkshake IPA is a real favorite among milkshake consumers. Beer brewed with a lot of mango puree, yes, mango, 50 kilograms of natural mango puree, grated coconut and vanilla variety "Bourbon". Already waiting for new connoisseurs in search of tropical flavors in the cold winter.

The second variety to return in December is a beer called FINLAND. Winter variety, which according to the tradition of winter brewing is expected every year with the onset of cold. Beer - winter warmer. This drink is otherwise called Viking beer. As for its history, experts say that the Vikings established a tradition of using winter foam. Saturated with rich taste of malt, with the fortress 9% vol., Gives you a real warm pleasure and peace on dark winter evenings.
Suitable for Christmas and New Year dishes, lifts the mood and adds festivity on weekdays.