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Blueberry Doppelbock

Blueberry Doppelbock • AltBier Brewery Kharkiv

In the New Year - a new variety!

Altbier offers craft lovers a new variety in the Altbier Brewery platinum line called Ragnar.
Beer with a strong masculine character and the aroma of real blueberries. Cooked in the style of Doppelbock.
This is a very strong variety that was invented and cooked by Bavarian monks in their monastery to drink during Lent in cold winters. Due to the high density of yeast could not completely process all the sugar in this beer and it turned out very sweet and alcoholic, so it was very nutritious. And it had a strong malty aroma and taste. That is why it was once called "liquid bread".
We made the base traditionally according to the canons of a Bavarian specialist with a filling of five malts of different degrees of roasting. But they decided to add to this beer, in addition to the malt component, a little wine note from the blueberries. The result is an incredible hybrid of strong beer and blueberry wine. Dark brown color with a deep hint of ruby and chic creamy foam looks incredible in a glass. The aroma of sweet berry wine is intertwined with biscuit-caramel notes. Alcohol for all its strength is almost not felt, but warms nicely inside. Initially dominated by sweet and sour flavors, like wine. Then a powerful malt component of biscuit and caramel flavors is included. And ends with the lightest hop bitterness which is almost imperceptible.

White meat, desserts of almost any, white cheeses, light salads will be a great addition to the drink at the holiday table.

We released this drink in a 0.33 liter bottle, and we believe that this variety perfectly complements the platinum line.
You can buy Ragnar in the Alrbier BEER STORE network (Kharkiv) and on our website.

Altbier Brewery does everything so that every inhabitant of Ukraine can try even the most unique or favorite craft beer. We guarantee the quality and application of 100% natural ingredients.