Beer winners: AltBier

Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv

Winners' beer: AltBier is complete freedom of creativity and control at all stages of production

Secrets of winning varieties

According to the results of the East European Beer Award-2021, the AltBier brand won 2 gold medals in the Pale Ale and Belgian Strong Ale categories, 3 silver medals in the Dark Lager, Weizenbier and Special Beer categories and 3 bronze medals in the Experimental IPA, Porter / Stout Special, Sweet Stout categories. The winning varieties were "Cabinet Black", Dolce Vita, Apache APA, Oblivion, Mooo Stout, "Wheat", KWAKnem and Evolution.
Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv

Cabinet Black: Silver in the Dark Lager category. In style it is Lager. The drink is based on the taste of malt and chocolate, coffee or black molasses with hints of caramel and toasted bread crust. Taste of dark fruit with a slight hint of black currant or plum.

Variety characteristics: OG: 13%; ALC: 5 % vol. IBU: 13

Dolce Vita: bronze in the Experimental IPA category. The style is IRA Milkshake. Muddy fruit strawberry IPA. Beer is brewed with the addition of a large amount of fresh strawberry puree and fragrant hops Mosaic and Citra.

Variety characteristics: OG: 16%; ALC: 6% vol. IBU: 26

Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv
Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv

Apache APA: gold in the Pale Ale category. Cooked in the style of American Pale Ale with the addition of a large number of American hops El Dorado and Citra. Very fragrant beer, the taste of which clearly feels the notes of tropical fruits.

Variety characteristics: OG: 14%; ALC: 5% vol .; IBU: 35

Oblivion: bronze in the Porter / Stout Special category. Beer style - Imperial Stout. For several months, this beer was matured on French oak to please true connoisseurs of dense and strong varieties. The aroma and taste turned out very rich, rich and complex: malt tones, toasted grains, dark chocolate, light caramel, fruit, wine notes, light noble oak aromas, and on the background - delicate vanilla.

Variety characteristics: OG: 26%; ALC: 11.5% vol .; IBU: 50

Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv
Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv

Mooо Stout: bronze in the Sweet Stout category. Beer brewed in the style of Imperial Sweet Stout. British style sweet dark beer. The aroma includes roasted rye grains, coffee with milk, chocolate tones, cream, notes of cocoa beans. The taste is sweet dense body, creamy texture. The hop character is expressed by earthy and floral notes.

Variety characteristics: OG: 19%; ALC: 6.5% vol .; IBU: 40

"Wheat": silver in the Weizenbier category. Gentle, light, refreshing wheat beer with branded fine citrus acid and banana aroma. The beer is pale golden in color and slightly "plays" in the glass. The aroma is delicate, with notes of wheat, meadow herbs and fresh bread. The subtle, wheaten taste with background acidity in the aftertaste turns into a barely perceptible sweetness with a hint of caramel.

Variety characteristics: OG: 12%; ALC: 4.7% vol .; IBU: 25

Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv
Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv

KWAKnem: gold in the Belgian Strong Ale category. Semi-dark beer is the pride of Belgium and a favorite variety of all beer connoisseurs in the world. The original semi-dark amber ale with fruity hues, caramel sweetness and a light hop aftertaste.

Variety characteristics: OG: 19%; ALC: 8% vol .; IBU: 30

Evolution: silver in the Special Beer category. Barley wine, a unique sample of beer in Ukraine. It matures for 7 months and has a stunning color at the exit: from brown-gold to black as night. Wine sherry notes are clearly audible in the aroma.

Variety characteristics: OG: 36 %; ALC: 18% vol., IBU: 50

Winners' beer: AltBier • AltBier Brewery, Kharkiv

On the way to conquering the Ukrainian beer market

New victories are another reason to reach a new level, win the support of new consumers and further develop the beer culture of Ukraine. The Honorary Grand Prix is a dose of inspiration, especially in such a difficult time, an inspiration to create even more refined and multifaceted beer masterpieces, according to AltBier Brewery. Fans of the brewery will soon have even more beer in their own branded establishments, as this season the AltBier Beer Store chain of stores will significantly expand. AltBier Brewery now wants to increase retail sales. This year the plans are to sell about 500 tons of products in our own network during the season, and in a year - to increase production capacity to 500 tons per month.

We invite national distributors and beer networks of the country to cooperate!